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Dec. 19th, 2018

I wish you a very happy birthday and all the best!

I wish you a very happy birthday! Bea happy, be healthy, be wealthy! <3


WHY? This is the question my son asked me when he was 4, then 5 years old: "Mommy, why.....?" Several times a day, every single day. For two years…

And I had to answer them because he could lose his trust in me. I wouldn’t allow my son to learn that it’s so easy to lose trust in people. Especially in his mother.
And I had to find the right words so he can understand and satisfy his curiosity. He was like he wanted to learn everything about the whole world in those two years.
And I’ve learned PATIENCE.

But there were questions I didn’t know to answer. So, every time it happened, I told him that I don’t know the answer but I will look for information and give him later the answer to his question. Which I did. Every single time.
And he learned that no one knows everything.
And I learned to be HONEST with him. And I didn’t lose his trust.

Later on, when he was in mid-school, he asked again: WHY? This time the topic was the music I was listening all day long when I was home, of course.
Well, at that time, he had no musical preferences. He was listening about any genre of music and he wanted to know WHY I was listening only rock music. I explained that when I was in high school my friends and I were rock fans and I really love that music. Still not interested.
One day, I asked him to put my headphones and listen. Rock. He liked the sound of it and the rhytm and he asked me to make a selection for him and to explain everything I knew about that music. Which I did. The result? I had to buy another set of headphones - for him - and, step by step, he became a rock fan.

So now he is a rock fan and he doesn’t understand my passion for the Kpop. And he asked me again: "Mom, WHY?” I tried to explain, but this time he didn’t trust me. So, this time too, I don’t have an answer… A better one at least. He’s respecting my latest preferences but, still, he doesn’t understand.

And I myself don’t know what made me change so much up to make a quite large place in my mind and my heart for the Kpop phenomenon. And of all that, for DBSK and JYJ.

Now, it’s my turn to ask - rhetorically, of course - WHY?




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